Last Breath

You did things your way

Never one to fold,

To the pressures of society

Even at 72 years old.

“I am a bad boy,”

You’d say to me,

With that mischievous grin

And chuckle so free.

“Happy happy, Lucky lucky,”

You’d say, and smile

Your big, warming smile.

You made me feel light

When you blessed us for a while.

I looked forward to picking you up

And driving you around,

As we passed old places

You’d lived in Marrickville town.

You’d point at each house,

Recall the number so clear,

They were important spaces

That you held dear.

Memories of a different time,

One filled with family and friends,

When you were a younger man,

Before your journey met its end.

Despite your mistakes and failures,

You did the best you could.

To see you with your daughter,

It was understood.

The one who changed my life,

It was such a treat,

To see her love for you,

Dear father of my wife.

You once called me the “holy spirit,”

I will always remember that,

For in me, you saw

Something I had not.

You reminded me of the spirit I forgot.

To see you on your deathbed,

With the apparatus on your face,

Broke my heart because you fought,

To find freedom in this place.

I touched your hand that final time,

As I said, “I’ll be back,”

And we both knew it was time,

For your final act.

I did come back,

And surrounded by the ones that love you,

And the ones you loved so much,

You took your final breath,

Released from life’s burdens, peacefully,

And finally, you were free.