What I’m Doing Now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too. Thanks to Derek Sivers for the inspiration)

Last updated Mon 8 Apr, 2024.

I’m now:

– Currently available to bring content, partnership, and community expertise to dynamic, $1M+ funded startups (or VC firms) three days a week. Remote or flex (in Sydney). Let’s connect.

– Living and working out of Sydney. (After 15 months of living in Danang, Vietnam in 2022-23)

Working remotely as:

Marketing consultant and Fractional CMO for small businesses. (Here’s how I pivoted to becoming a fractional CMO in 2023)

– Fractional CMO for Birchal, the leading equity crowdfunding platform for Australian startups looking to raise financing through community.

Booking guest podcast spots for service businesses.

Teaching what I know:

– Writing my book “DARE TO ESCAPE: Break Free from the Rat Race and Create Your Ideal Life” in public. Check it out here and subscribe to follow my journey & support my work.

Appearing on podcasts and summits to share my experiences and practical insights on content marketing and entrepreneurship. [Book me to speak

– Posting content on Linkedin, Twitter and IG.

– Publishing my weekly Authentic Marketer newsletter. Subscribe below.