What I’m Doing Now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too. Thanks to Derek Sivers for the inspiration)

I’m now:

– Living and working out of Sydney, Australia.

Creating compelling case studies and articles that help 1M+ Services and SaaS businesses to attract more of their ideal buyers, and close more deals.

– Working part-time as Learning  & Community Lead for Bean Ninjas

Appearing on podcasts and summits to share my experiences and practical insights on content marketing and entrepreneurship. [Learn more about booking me to speak here

Here’s a fun one:

I’m on the hunt for a part-time Community Marketer role with a fast-growing startup/small business. (See the tweet below for a description of what a “Community Marketer” does)

This is my jam.

Anyone looking for a part-time community marketer? #cmgr https://t.co/JvRcn54Q5f

— Anfernee Chansamooth (@anferneec) September 12, 2020

Hitting the gym 3 days a week and walking daily with my wife. This helps me with my physical, mental and emotional health. Prioritising my health is one of my main goals this year. 

My 2022 goals:

1. More fun, adventure, and connection.
2. Generate $20k/m income
3. Daily/weekly mental health practices
4. Regular exercise – run, bike, dance, gym
5. Consistent fasting

Would love to hear yours.#tweet100

— Anfernee Chansamooth (@anferneec) December 19, 2021

– I’m publishing Authentic Influence podcast as a weekly FB Live series where myself and guest B2B entrepreneurs and marketers share marketing strategies that are working for them. Follow my FB page to get updates or subscribe via your favourite podcasting app.


– I’ve reactivated my Authentic Influence Warriors facebook group. Jump into our private FB group to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and learn tips for growing your services or SaaS business with content marketing.

– I occasionally posts things on Twitter and Tiktok

– I’m also doing other cool collabs and projects

– I’m also sending a weekly email newsletter with my top 5 B2B marketing and entrepreneurship resources. View a sample here. Here’s what one happy subscriber said about it:

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