Learning How To Build Capacity With Balanced Time & Energy


This morning I woke up at 6 am here in Sydney and jumped on a What Works Community webinar hosted by Shawn Fink. The topic was How To Build Capacity With Balanced Time & Energy and this was the description that Shawn wrote for the event: “If only we had endless amounts of time to do all […]

My top business apps for android


What are the top digital marketing and business apps for android? On my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S21 FE) I use: Whatsapp & Slack to communicate with my VA Gmail Google calendar Google for research Otter to record and transcribe conversations Notion or Google Keep to take notes and ideas as they come up Stitcher […]

How I went from failing two businesses to my first $10K month in 5.5 years


My first two businesses were failures. I felt ashamed that a uni graduate who was supposed to be smart couldn’t make it work.  There was something obviously missing, and I could only look at the mirror and point my finger there.  So I went back to a full-time job as marketing manager for a B2B […]