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Looking to be inspired? Here are some of our favourite entrepreneur documentaries. The New Hustle The story of three of Australia’s fastest growing startups – SafetyCulture, Vinomofo, and Canva – as they scale from garage offices to millions of users and worldwide impact. The New Hustle follows the personal journeys of the founders as they […]


I had just graduated NLP practitioner training.

I had no job, no clients, and bills to pay.

My trainer at the time suggested that charging $1,000 per month was reasonable for a quality coach.

As a newbie getting started I didn’t feel that I was worth that amount, not even close.

Then i discovered that that one particular coach had blogged about how he built a thriving business with putting out a “pay what you want” offer when he started.

So I gave it a go.

One month.  4 sessions.  Pay what you can. 10 spots only.

I learnt something powerful about value and pricing during that experience.

Firstly, the market will dictate what your product or service is worth.

I got 8 paying clients, and on average they were paying $200 for 4 x 1hr  career coaching sessions.

Some paid more, some paid less.

In hindsight it was a good test but if I were to do it again I’d tweak a few things:

– Help the client map out a clear roadmap of how we’d work together beyond the first month, and tie it to a specific outcome they’re wanting to achieve.

– Be much more specific with who to accept, and who you’d ideally be able to help get a remarkable result

– Implement a feedback and referral system to systematically request testimonials and referrals from everyone you work with. (This puts YOUR  focus on doing great work)

– Mindset and removing limiting beliefs is helpful, but often the best results will come from helping your clients implement faster.

I’m now getting paid more than $1k per month to help clients implement marketing systems that frees up their time and allows them to focus on their core strengths.

It’s done for you, not DIY.

This is the first step.  The next step will be to build scalability into the business and I’ve got a plan for that.

So if you’re wondering why your coaching or online course business is struggling ask yourself:

Have I got the right clients and how can I better help them to execute faster?

You can’t fake adding value

You can’t fake adding value.

Remember that one kid in the playground who acted like they were having heaps of fun, making a lot of noise, and constantly screaming “look at me, look at me”?

Maybe they did silly things to make other kids laugh, or they would do dangerous things in order to impress others…

But inside what they really wanted was someone to give them a hug and tell them that they were valued and valuable just for being who they are.

I used to be that kid.

So it’s interesting when I observe adults playing out that role online, like in FB groups.

Perhaps you’ve seen it too…

– That person who only posts on the group’s designated promo day (if the group has one), plugging their product or service

– That person who replies to someone’s genuine, and sometimes vulnerable, request for help with “Yes I can help. PM me” or worse… “Yes I can help, book a free 30-min discovery call with me” (this is NOT helpful at all)

– That person who takes ANY opportunity to drop a link to their website, or share a post they had made on their own FB business page as a sneaky way to get people to click through to their website or page (not very subtle)

None of these behaviours are adding value.

They’re self-serving and annoying.

Don’t be that kid.

Now the people who are setting themselves up for great success marketing online act differently:

– They don’t join a gazillion groups, but choose to focus on a handful where the people and values alight with their own

– They seek to give first, and understand that it’s through building relationships and genuinely caring for others that business thrives

– They share a vulnerable story (it’s vulnerable if you feel butterflies in your belly before you hit publish), and powerful insights that can help others shift their thinking

– They share the ACTUAL steps of how they were able to create a specific result in their life or business, and provide a framework for others to do the same

– They don’t force people to refer to their website or download a FREE PDF in exchange for an email address

I’m not sure if you’ve experienced it or not, but people can FEEL when someone is looking after themselves first, even if their post is disguised as serving others.

So next time you choose to engage online ask yourself:

Who are you really serving?

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