I’m Hubspot Marketing Certified

I’ve just completed two certifications to level up my marketing knowledge. Want to level up your marketing knowledge too? Check out Hubspot’s events and free courses.

The power of one to make a difference

How can one person make a difference? First, start with a big question. Such as… How might school be more engaging for primary and high school students? What might schools and education be like if students were allowed to identify challenges within their own communities that were affecting them negatively, and then were given permission and guidance to design […]

Who is Anfernee Chansamooth?

If you think I’m about marketing or client management, you’ve missed the point.   What I’m really about is authentic influence, and building powerful relationships that lead to great outcomes.    What lights me up most Building powerful long-lasting relationships Presenting to groups Directing teams to execute a gameplan Strategizing to win Content marketing & […]