My Top 10 Choreographed Dance Videos on Youtube


These are my Top 10 Choreographed Dance Videos featuring Kinjaz, 1MILLION Dance Studio, Vpeepz and more.

I’m a HUGE fan of hip hop, urban dance, and other styles. So one of my favourite things to do these days is to watch choreographies of folks dancing on youtube.

Here’s a list of my Top 10 Choreographed Dance Videos on youtube (in no particular order).

– 01 –

Justin Bieber – Intentions / Yumeki Choreography

I love how Yumeki give the other dancers a chance to shine by letting them be in the center instead of him being in the center for all the parts! (Yumeki is the one with the blue/black/red jacket on top of the white shirt)

– 02 –

TONES AND I – DANCE MONKEY / Kyo Choreography

I honestly don’t know whether or not the dancer in red pants is actually human.😂😂

– 03 –

VPeepz | Sunflower | @swaelee @postmalone

VPeepz came out of nowhere and took World of Dance (WOD 2019) by storm (especially with this routine). But this routine is still my fave of theirs.

– 04 –

Post Malone ft. Swae Lee “Sunflower” Choreography by Vinh Nguyen

Here’s a different take on the Post Malone ft. Swae Lee hit “Sunflower”. This time from choreographer Vinh Nguyen of Kinjaz.

What makes this video amazing, apart from the tight choreography by Vinh, is the way this video was shot and then edited to incorporate elements from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (the film that made this song a massive hit).

– 05 –

KINJAZ “Fear None” | ARENA CHINA 2017

In 2020, and after being robbed in the finals of Season 1 of World of Dance (watch all their WOD performances here), Kinjaz is now the OG’s of Urban.

At 4:27 in this video, Keone Madrid appears for the first time as a masked Kinjaz brethren in the “Betta Watch Yo Self” routine. Keone choreographed this routine. It’s my fave routine and entry of all time.

(Also worth watching the rehearsal of “Betta Watch Yo Self” here as it’s a different vibe and you get to see the fellas enjoying themselves)

– 06 –

Who You Are” by Jessie J performed by Logan “Logistx” Edra / Choreography by D-Trix

Dance can be used to convey powerful messages, and this particular dance is about Teen Girls and self love. D-Trix’s choreography is simply stunning, and of course Logistx’s performance here is awe-inspiring.

Logistx is a member of World of Dance Season 2 (2018) junior champions The Lab.

– 07 – – Bang Bang (Choreography by Hokuto Konishi & Aye Hasegawa)

Hokuto “Hok” Konishi is a member of ABDC Season 8 Champion squad Quest Crew, and Aya Hasegawa was a member of Pharrell Williams’ stage dancers. So when these two dancer-choreographers joined forces for this fun and dynamic choreography, I was blown away.

Hok and Aye have also done a few other choreos together, so check those out too:

– 08 –

“My First Love” – Carl Thomas | Anthony Lee & Aye Hasegawa

Another Aya collab, but this time with Kinjaz co-founder Anthony Lee. This was actually the first male & female couple collab that I fell in love with. I’d never seen such clean movements from a duo before I stumbled upon this video, and the playful dynamic between the two is just magic.

Then there’s the hilarious bit at the end when Aye’s real life boyfriend makes an appearance but I won’t spoil it for you.

– 09 –

Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye | Anthony Lee Choreography

Before he formed urban dance super-group Kinjaz with fellow choreographer Mike Song, Anthony Lee was getting his LA buddies together and making fun choreo videos like this one. This was actually the first video I ever saw of Anthony’s and I was hooked immediately.

The mix of super clean choreo, rooftop view, the popular hit song by Gotye, and the silliness of the moustaches are just brilliant.

Random fact: Mike Song appeared on the Ellen Show with his mum.

– 10 –

False Confidence – Noah Kahan l Choreography by Sean Lew l #BABE2019 l Sean & Kaycee

If you’ve never seen choreographer Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice dance together then you’re in for a treat.

Here’s what Sean wrote in the description for this video:

don’t take yourself so seriously. this class meant so much to me and i’m so grateful to be able to share something very special to such a great event. my greatest intention with this piece was creating an experience for two people that were pushed to act vulnerable and silly with each other. to find a way to create a story based off of their own relationship, either if they were close friends or strangers to each other. i started creating this piece in 2018 and kept changing ever since because it was mainly inspired by wanting to make people smile when they start dancing with each other. “false confidence” means to put on a mask that you’ve given yourself so that people can’t tell that you’re hurting inside. i wanted people to feel a certain way while watching this piece and understand that whenever you are trying to lift others up, always make sure that you take care of yourself as well and you never sacrifice your own emotions for the sake of other people. the right people will always come back to you and make you feel loved. hope you guys enjoy.

Related note: These two teens previously joined forces 2 years ago to compete in World of Dance 2018, and they were incredible.

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2 years ago. #SeanAndKaycee – World Of Dance – Season 2 ———————————————————————— 2 years ago, my life changed. The process leading up to competing on WOD was crazy, but in the most amazing way ever. I still remember vividly the day @seanlew FaceTimed me asking if I wanted to be his partner, and that call lasted 2 hours at least😂 I was (still am) so indecisive. I truly believe everything in life happens for a reason and I’m so thankful to have said yes. The memories we created are timeless and I will cherish them forever. Thank you Sean for trusting me and bearing with my craziness. I’m in awe at how far we’ve come not only as dancers/partners, but as best friends. We have each other’s backs, and even when we are blindfolded, I know I can trust you. Alright, now I’m gonna go rewatch the Behind The Scenes videos and reminisce and laugh 😆

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– Honourable Mentions –

I just can’t have a top list of epic dance choreography videos and not mention these too…
The Kings | World of Dance Season 3 Finale

Shijirbat computer animation dance performance on Mongolia’s Got Talent 2016

Latch (Dance Video) ft. Mike Fal (Choreographer) and Julie Zhan

What’s your favourite dance choreography video on youtube? Let me know in the comments as I’d love to watch it!


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