Cursed By Unfinished Projects?

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Are You Cursed By Unfinished Projects?

You know that special kind of rush you get when a new project idea pops into your mind? Your pulse quickens, your eyes shine, and you’re like a kid who can’t wait to blurt out his exciting secret. Been there, done that, and oh boy, what a feeling!

But how often have you allowed that initial thrill to trick you into feeling like you’ve done something?

More times than I’d like to admit, that’s for sure.

And not just me. This is something that’s tripped up creatives from all walks of life. I listened to a recent episode of the TigerBelly podcast where David So talked about his buddy Tim’s notorious early morning SMS messages about a movie script that only exists in his head.

That same trap caught me too. I’d been so eager to write a case study book. I announced it on my podcast, interviewed potential contributors, and everything. But despite the initial excitement, it went nowhere.

Then there’s my “Dare to Escape” book project that I announced in 2015. I even spent several Saturdays in a row writing, literally churning out 30,000 words, with my awesome graphic designer, Colleen, whipping up a gorgeous cover. But it’s been sitting in my Evernote archives, gathering digital dust.

So, I’ve made a pact with myself and invite you to join me.

The next time we get that jolt of inspiration, let’s not rush to broadcast it to the world.

Instead, let’s channel that energy into actually working on the project. Let’s create something real first – a chapter, a draft, an outline – anything that takes it from an idea to something tangible.

Because then, when we share it with our community, it’s not just a promise of what might be. It’s proof of what will be.

And hey, it means fewer of our projects end up as ghosts in our computers, and more actually see the light of day.

Sound like a deal?

If you need some inspiration, check out these two book-writing projects from Authentic Marketer community members.

First, my good friend (and fellow Toronto Couch Surfing & World Domination Summit buddy) Jan is writing Ice Melters:

Secondly, Liz Jarvis is writing Financial Rebellion. As Liz has shared:

The goal is to start a Financial REBELLION where business owners Stop giving away their financial POWER.” 

What’s particularly amazing is how Liz is sharing behind-the-scenes updates of her book-writing process inside her private FB group, and involving her community in the process.

Let’s keep creating, keep doing, and make our ideas see the light of day. Because the world needs more doers, not just dreamers.

Who knows, maybe one day, those two book projects of mine will receive a much-needed spark to bring them to life. I haven’t given up!

Until then, keep rocking, my friend!

(This newsletter was drafted with the help of GPT-4 and edited by yours truly.)



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A 92 year old man secretly amassed a multi-million dollar fortune by investing in the stock market.  

The craziest part?  

He was a school janitor for 27 years.

Here’s the wild story:

— Matt Allen (@investmattallen)
Jun 8, 2023


Why is *delegation* so hard to implement in your biz?

First, it’s all about loosening your grip on the need to “control” everything.

Second, you need to explore how best to get it done without hurting your biz.

Here’s a quick guide:

— 🟣Maiko Sakai (@MaikoSakaiBiz)
Jun 5, 2023

I’ve been approached by several companies about creating an AI-related course. Maven, Skillshare, and a few others have reached out, asking me to create a course on their platform.

I’ve turned them all down, knowing that I was leaving money on the table by not doing it.

I don’t…

— Matt Wolfe (@mreflow)
Jun 4, 2023

Therapy is expensive, costing over $150/hour.

Luckily, you can turn ChatGPT into a FREE therapist.

Here’s how to use ChatGPT to improve your mental health:

— The AI Solopreneur (@aisolopreneur)
Jun 3, 2023


Whether you’re a business owner, freelancer, marketer, professional content writer, or copywriter, there’s a lot of marketing work to do, and usually not enough time in the day.

You have to write blog posts, social media posts, emails, and ads that will drive traffic and sales, but you don’t want to spend hours writing content.

Jasper AI uses artificial intelligence to generate thousands of unique pieces of high-quality content for your business. Content that is engaging, interesting, valuable, and gets results.

Anyone can use the software – no technical skills are required at all. It also works with any niche or industry; choose the topics you’re interested in, and it’ll take care of everything else. And best of all? No more writer’s block!

So why would you use Jasper when you could use ChatGPT for free (or lower cost)?

Let’s address this because it’s a valid question if you’ve been using ChatGPT.

Now I’ve been playing with ChatGPT, and I gotta say, I still find myself going back to Jasper to write high-quality articles.

Jasper is designed to take a lot of the headache out of “prompt engineering.” If you know what that term is, you likely are comfortable with ChatGPT and see it as a useful tool. If you are not comfortable with that term, you likely need help getting the most out of AI, which is where Jasper excels.

Jasper rarely gives “we’re currently processing too many requests” downtime-related errors (unlike the free version of ChatGPT).

Ready to give it a whirl for yourself?

Btw, want to see the tool in action? Here’s a video that I recorded on Using Jasper AI to write a long-form blog post in less than 30 mins.


Just a quick shout-out to Johanna de Ruyter for jumping on a Community Connect call this week with me. It was great to catch up and be able to offer some tips to help you hopefully move your cool project forward.

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Anfernee Chansamooth

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