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Let me tell you about my first 30 days of building a new LinkedIn profile and how I gained 190 followers. 

Here are the four actions that I focused on:

1. Optimizing my profile  

I made sure my profile clearly stated who I am, what I do, and why someone would want to follow me. This includes creating a customer-centric About section, and a adding clear call to action on my banner to sign up for my newsletter.

This helped me attract the right audience and made it easier for a new connection to understand how I might be of value to them.

2. Actively networking (10 mins daily)

I connected with 10-15 people daily, starting with people who already knew me (eg. clients, people in my various online groups and communities, and on my FB friends list).

I got nice comments like this:

I then expanded to people who don’t know who I am. I used using Linkedin’s search function to find individuals in my target audience (service business owners, creators, and business authors).

Tip: Focus on 2nd-degree connections. That means they can see that you’re connected with at least one person that they know, and that adds a layer of social proof for them (“your friend is my friend”).

This helped me grow my network and expand my reach.

3. Posting daily (5 – 10 mins per post)

I started posting daily, using Taplio to schedule my posts in advance.

Some of my posts were newly written, and others were repurposed from old posts I had saved in Google Docs. I also tested different formats and topics for my posts (Taplio makes it easy to see what types of content are performing well on Linkedin). 

Turns out that on a platform that’s all about career progression, folks like posts that announce career updates. Who knew? 😂

This helped me establish a consistent online presence and engage with my followers.

In Feb I plan to post a video once a week, ideally as a Linkedin Live stream (now that I have access – yay!). We’ll see. 

Tip: I recommend you always draft your content in google docs, Notion, or some tool where you can recover or repurpose them for other social platforms (or even your blog or newsletter) as required.

4. Commenting on other people’s posts daily (5-10 mins)

I spent 5-10 minutes commenting on other people’s posts, especially those made by influencers and thought leaders in my space. This helped me increase my visibility and expand my network.

The Results

See for yourself:

What’s the plan for the next 30 days?

Continue what’s workingCreate posts according to my new Linkedin content plan (this has been adapted from Helen Tudor’s Four Pillars of Linkedin Content). I may try creating a week’s worth of posts in a batch.


How to use ChatGPT as your marketing coach [live demo]

This morning I recorded my first Linkedin Live for 2023 (woohoo!).

I covered a few different ways to use ChatGPT to help with positioning and marketing your business.

Watch a replay of this 30-min training now.

On a related note, I’m hosting a live mini-workshop on Feb 9 to guide folks through how to use chatGPT for writing blog posts and social media posts.

When:  FEB 9, 2023 @ 2PM AEST (recording will be available for purchase)


1/ Read: ChatGPT feels like a bit of a faff. by Kate Toon

Kate Toon, expert copywriter and SEO queen, argues that using ChatGPT (and similar AI tools) isn’t always the most efficient approach for writing good copy.  

2/ Move with love (short poem)

My wonderfully creative friend Vitalia shared this poem on Facebook. It captures the feeling of freedom that I have when going on a long drive. 

With her blessing, I’m sharing it with you.

3/ Read: Clock Time, Unpaid Work, and Inequality

The system I live in requires me to divide my focus between the time I’m paid for and the time I’m not paid for. What’s more, those periods of time increasingly overlap so that the time I’m paid for colors the time I’m not paid for.

The reason this is a question of inequality rather than a crisis of work-life balance is that paid work is largely valued in terms of speed, efficiency, and its potential to be optimized for profit. 
The output of our work is measured against the clock time it took to produce it. More efficient output equals more value produced. Of course, not all valuable work is speedy, efficient, or optimized for profit. Caregivers, artists, organizers, healthcare workers, educators all do work that loses value when confined to an optimized workflow.


Most people confine the discussion of love in the realm of personal relationships (romance, family, and friends). We will also find its presence in hobbies (art, music, sports) and politics (patriotism, political candidates). However, very few people talk about love in the area of personal finance, especially investing. People think investment should be all about cold, hard numbers. With the prevalence of quantitative investing, passive investing, target-date funds, and even robo investing with AI, the talks of love and emotions regarding money are seen as unsophisticated.

That’s why you have “money experts” continuously beat you over the head with their math and financial figures. They are the ones who yell at you to “sell now, a crash is coming,” or “you should diversify and rebalance all the time,” or “invest in only index funds because you can’t beat the market.” The worst one: “you should let me handle your money because you know nothing, and I’m the expert.”

Let me tell you a secret: they are all wrong. What if I tell you, love, if harnessed radically and correctly, can be a superpower to guide you toward amazing investment returns and wealth generation?


If you fear or question the impact of AI on creative work

1. You need to level up
2. You need to experiment with it

For someone with an imagination, it unleashes endless possibilities.

— Srinivas Rao (@UnmistakableCEO)
Jan 23, 2023

How to make big money as a consultant, on easy mode:

-Get started on UpWork
-Build confidence and skills
-Switch to Catalant
-Sell >$100K projects to F500 clients

— Sean O’Dowd (@SeanODowd15)
Jan 25, 2023

After coaching a lot of very successful people, here’s an unsexy truth:

A lot of success is learning to grind when it’s boring.

Staying engaged, working, and seeing it through when it’s “boring” is a skill. If you expect all building to be exciting, you’ll never make it.

— Dr. Julie Gurner (@drgurner)
Jan 14, 2023



Taplio is a software that helps me write LinkedIn posts faster. Instead of spending hours thinking of what to write, Taplio gives me ideas and suggests news that I can use in my posts. It also has a library of viral posts I can use as inspiration.

With Taplio, I can write and schedule a week’s worth of posts in just twenty minutes (sometimes less).

That means I spend less time writing posts and more time engaging with other people’s posts, connecting via DMs, and growing my network.

I just discovered that it also automatically gives you dynamic lists of people who like or comment on your content so that you can build relationships with them. How cool is that? 

As you can see from my stats for the last 30 days below – it’s definitely impacted my Linkedin audience building.   

PS. Taplio is currently hosting a free Linkedin growth challenge. Check it out here.


Last week I presented a 60-min talk titled “Unlock the Secret to Successful Lead Generation Marketing” for members of The Growth Hub’s Business of Property group.

It went so well that TGH and I are teaming up to do it again, but this time for our wider community. The webinar will be happening on February 8 @ 11 am Sydney time.

If you want to learn the #1 factor that separates successful marketing from inconsistent and ineffective marketing, I invite you to join us (it’s free)

Anfernee Chansamooth

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