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How long does it take your clients to get value after buying your service?

Imagine this… you’ve just booked into an Airbnb for your upcoming weekend getaway.

Immediately after you make the booking, you receive a digital welcome kit from the host.

Inside, you find a free coffee voucher for their favourite local cafe, a curated list of nearby attractions, and exclusive recommendations for hidden gems in the area.

The host has thoughtfully shortened the time to value by providing you with an unforgettable experience right from the start, right?

I first heard of this “shorten the time to value” concept from the world of software companies (SaaS).

It’s why when you sign up for a new software tool, you’re able to log in to it with your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account instead of having to input your name, email address, etc.

In the case of Meta’s new Twitter competitor app, Threads, all you had to do was use your existing Instagram account to create a new Threads account and log in. The experience is super quick and seamless.

How might the idea of “shortening the time to value” be applied to accounting firms? Here are three ways:

1️⃣ Access to Client Portal: Set up an automated system that grants new clients immediate access to a secure client portal where they can find important docs and communicate with the firm.

2️⃣ Financial Snapshot: Automatically generate a personalized financial snapshot or summary report for the new client. Highlight key improvement areas.

3️⃣ Resource Library: Grant new clients instant access to a curated resource library or knowledge base. All are designed to help them level up their business.

Something to ponder – What’s one way you can reduce the time to value for your clients?

(This newsletter was drafted with the help of GPT-4 and edited by yours truly.)


Top 3 reasons why book & product launches fail

“If you build it, they will come.”

Kevin Costner’s iconic line from Field of Dreams might be magical in the movies, but it’s the worst advice for any real-world product launch.

🚫 Let’s dive into the top 3 reasons why book and product launches often stumble:

Fear of Failure & Self-Doubt: We’ve all been there – the nagging uncertainty about our work’s worthiness. It can lead to hesitancy and inaction when it comes to promoting our creations, keeping them hidden from the world’s eyes. (for some of us, we get cursed by unfinished projects)

Poor Launch Strategy: Launching without a clear plan is like sailing without a map. Without defined goals and a well-organized strategy, your launch efforts may fall short, and valuable opportunities could be missed.

Lack of Virality: Virality isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a vital ingredient for successful launches. Not building in elements encouraging sharing and promoting word-of-mouth can limit your reach to a narrow audience.

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Getting some amazing feedback on this one 😮

— Rob Lennon 🗯 | AI Whisperer (@thatroblennon)
Jul 13, 2023

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3/ Watch: Jrue & Lauren Holiday win the Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award | 2023 ESPYS

What an incredible couple and a powerful story of their own struggle whilst growing a family, and then their motivation to put $5 million of their own salaries towards uplifting other humans through their fund.

Watch as recipients, Jrue Holiday of the Milwaukee Bucks & Lauren Holiday of the USWNT, are awarded the Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award for their support of Black-owned small businesses and nonprofits.



I don’t pay much attention to my investment portfolio, but I watch my meaning portfolio like a hawk

A meaning portfolio is your collection of “meaning assets” – the reasons you get out of bed in the morning

— Tiago Forte (@fortelabs)
Jul 11, 2023



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Book Launch & Marketing Checklist

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Jul 18, 2023

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