You’re Not Too Late for the Party

You’re Not Too Late for the Party: 3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Creating & Sharing Content

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Do you feel like you’re too late when it comes to talking about your industry/niche or launching a new project?

Well, you’re not – there’s always room for another voice, and your perspective could be just what someone needs to see things in a new light.

Here are three reasons you should keep creating content, even if it feels like everyone else is already doing it:

1. You have a unique perspective.

The content doesn’t have to be different, because YOU are different.


— Anfernee Chansamooth (@anferneec)
Nov 5, 2022

Who you are and the experiences you’ve had in your life set you apart from everyone else, and that’s something you can bring to your content and audience. There are plenty of people out there who will appreciate hearing your perspective on things.

I used to worry about this – what could I possibly say about marketing, making money online, or personal growth that hasn’t already been said? (Can you hear the imposter syndrome kicking in?)

Then I learned that the intersection of those three passions and my experiences with each makes my voice unique. And that’s what people are interested in hearing about.

Naval shares some great thoughts about this, so check out his podcast on this topic sometime.

2. Sometimes, people need a different voice to act.

I’ve been following the recent drama with the Brooklyn Nets, a U.S. National Basketball Association (NBA) team. They recently fired their coach Steve Nash and last week promoted their assistant coach to the head coach position.

What’s interesting is that league commentators and reporters often say things like, “the team just needs a different voice in the locker room.

In other words, the players need someone new to say the same message so that they will finally listen.

Maybe you’ve experienced this? Like when someone close to you says the same thing repeatedly, and you tune out. But then another friend or colleague suggests the same thing, and you’re all ears?

It’s not that the message wasn’t good enough, it’s that sometimes we need to hear it from a different voice before it sinks in.

The same applies to prospective customers; maybe the voice they need to hear is yours.

3. You never know who you’ll reach with your content.

I’m currently on day 48 of a 100-day challenge. The goal is to post daily on Twitter.

I’ll be real with you, looking at my Twitter stats for the last 30 days makes me feel like I’m somehow failing. Look at that downward trending graph for followers and all the down arrows!

But then I have moments that remind me that some really cool people I respect are paying attention. Like this comment from the amazing Bek Lambert:

I’ve also experienced similar moments online where total strangers have responded to content I’ve shared, and even after a decade of doing this, it still surprises me. I really appreciate it when people take the time to respond to something I’ve put out there.

Like when this stranger (and a whole bunch of others) commented on an article on my site that I wrote titled “Should I join BNI?

Or that other time back in 2013 when I shared this post on my Facebook business page (note: I updated the page name recently):

This led to a person I’d met at an in-person event not long before the post went live messaging me to ask about my coaching services.

Soon afterward, we chatted over the phone, and after our call, Annie became a coaching client.

Now here’s what I know: if I hadn’t been consistent with posting content online, the chances of these encounters happening would be slim to none.

Final thoughts

So keep creating and sharing content, even if you feel like you’re too late to the party.

You never know who you’ll reach or how your unique perspective could change someone’s business or, indeed, their life.

Do you have a question about this newsletter or a challenge you’re working through? Hit reply and let me know. I love hearing from readers!

Anfernee Chansamooth

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What’s new this week

1/ Published a new article: What are Lead Magnets, and how do you use them to grow your business? (with 11 real-life B2B examples)

and got some positive feedback on it. (thanks, James!)

2/ Helped my wife Cindy produce some epic pillar content for her Love Your Rebel project: How To Be Healthy: A Guide For Busy Women

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