100 Day Twitter Challenge: 5 Wins & Lessons from my first attempt at #tweet100

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On Oct 1, 2001, I signed up for Tweet 100 and kicked off a 100-day daily twitter challenge.

5 Wins & Lessons from my first ever Twitter challenge – an attempt at 100 days of daily tweeting.

1. One post went viral, but that’s the only one

It was a video snippet from a guest interview that I did for my podcast.


Video views

Link clicks

View the post:

View the full interview


Takeaway: Collaborate with cool people who’ve got awesome tips for your audience.

2. I posted 58 / 100 days.

That’s a 58% success rate (and a 42% failure rate).

Hona app helped me get off to an awesome start and track my progress throughout the 100 days.

3. When you are overcommitted, something’s gotta give.

I placed a higher value on mental health, fitness, and family time.

Trying to write & publish daily proved challenging.

What might work better: Planning posts and producing in batches, then scheduling them out in advance.

4. Identify your danger zone

You may forget a single post or two, but if you miss it 3 days in a row, this might be a warning sign that there’s something deeper going on.

Need to set up an “SOS plan” i.e. some kind of planned reaction (ideally automated) that gets you back on track.

Got this tip from Noom (a cool app I’m using to help me lose weight).

5. It’s easy to get discouraged (if you compare yourself with others)

Especially when you’re not seeing any interaction with your posts, and you see some other people’s posts that are getting dozens of comments and retweets.

Good to remind yourself: “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”

Shoutout to Becky Pierson for this awesome comment:

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