6 Relationship Lessons from 6 Years of Marriage

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6 Relationship Lessons from 6 Years of Marriage

Last Friday marked my 6th anniversary with my amazing wife, and I am grateful for the journey we have shared thus far.

As I reflect on our first six years of marriage, I realize that we have learned several crucial lessons along the way.

Year 1: We learned that exploring and experiencing life together is invaluable and that it is essential to maintain open communication to ensure that we are both on the same page.

Year 2: We discovered that sharing passions and interests strengthens our relationship and that respecting and supporting each other’s goals and aspirations is important.

Year 3: We found the importance of routine and stability in our daily lives, and that it is vital to prioritize quality time and activities that we both enjoy.

Year 4: We learned the value of resilience and supporting each other through tough times (like a pandemic and lockdowns), and that it is important to show love and understanding during challenging periods.

Year 5: We learned the value of sticking together through thick and thin and that it is important to prioritize your partner’s needs and well-being.

Year 6: We embraced the importance of growth, change, and exploration and that it is vital to support each other in pursuing individual goals and aspirations.

Based on my experiences, here are three practical tips for building a strong marriage:

1. Communicate openly and honestly with your partner, and make an effort to maintain a strong connection.

2. Support each other’s dreams and passions, and encourage each other to pursue individual growth and development.

3. Prioritize quality time and shared activities, and find ways to maintain a sense of adventure and excitement in your relationship.

I hope these tips are helpful to anyone who is looking to build a strong, healthy, and loving relationship.

As we celebrate this milestone, I am grateful for my partner’s unwavering love, support, and understanding. I am excited to continue learning and growing together in the years to come.

Thank you for letting me share my journey with you. Here’s to many more years of love and growth!


Ps. Here are some snaps from a few magical days we just experienced on our trip away to Tea Gardens (2.5 hrs drive north of Sydney) to celebrate.

Anniversary getaway to Tea Gardens, NSW


Alex Lasky ran an experiment to see which type of messaging would best encourage others to save energy:

• You can save $54 this month
• You can save the planet
• You can be a good citizen
• Your neighbors are doing better than you

Which do you think won?

— Corey Haines (@coreyhainesco)
Apr 20, 2023


1/ Read: Content is abundant, community is scarce.

Wes Cao makes a solid case for cohort-based courses.

2/ Watch: AI Made this VLOG

See what happens when Casey Nestat uses ChatGPT to write a video script for his latest vlog and his thoughts on whether or not AI is good for creators. 

3/ Listen: Crafting a Rich Life 

Money Feels Podcast hosts Alyssa and Bridget discuss the following:

What is a ‘rich life,’ and where did it come from?Your realistic rich life Our money hang-upsA rich life bucket listThe nine areas of your life to considerCreating a rich life mapOur money dials


Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are ideal for beginner investors.

— Vittorio Rigato (@stoicmoneycoach)
Apr 21, 2023


Dear software companies:

If you’re not making my life simpler and easier, you add no value.

I don’t care how many features you offer, if I cannot use them quickly, with minimal study or without them breaking, your product is pointless.

Make automation easy or perish.

— Rebekah Lambert aka Unashamedly Creative (@noshamecreative)
Apr 23, 2023

The benefit & threat of AI in three charts:
1) AI improves productivity on realistic  business tasks by 30% or more, without any training
2) The jobs that overlap with AI are the highest paid, best educated & most creative
3) AI ability as measured by tests is improving fast 1/2

— Ethan Mollick (@emollick)
Apr 22, 2023



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My 5-week trip to Sydney is coming to a close. It’s been a crazy mix of family gatherings, road trips, life admin, work, celebrating our anniversary, and catching up with friends and old colleagues.

It’s been exactly what I needed to remind me of what’s important, and I’m ready to take on whatever is coming next. We fly back to Vietnam on Wednesday, with a 20-hour stopover in Singapore. 

I’m looking forward to returning to our quiet space and slower pace of life in Danang. 

Anfernee Chansamooth

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