From Rocky Roads to Breathtaking Views

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From Rocky Roads to Breathtaking Views: Lessons Learned on our Journey through Dalat

“I’m walking!” Cindy exclaimed with a mix of disbelief and determination.

Picture us, perched on a motorbike, staring down a crazy steep and rocky hill in Dalat. The whole situation had our hearts racing, but we were determined to reach our destination.

Encouraging Cindy to hang tight, we took a deep breath and braved the descent. The wind whipped through our hair as we bounced and bumped along the rough terrain. Fear clutched our hearts, and I clung to the handlebars for dear life.

But you know what? We pushed through, trusting in each other and our rental motorbike to conquer the challenge.

Finally, reaching the bottom of that treacherous hill was like unlocking a secret achievement. That feeling of accomplishment pumped us up, leaving us eager to see what lay ahead.

Climbing the opposite side of the hill, excitement bubbled within us. With every twist of the throttle, we steadily ascended, curiosity building with each meter gained.

And then, as if stepping into a dream, we arrived at a hilltop cafe that could make any traveller’s heart skip a beat.

Picture this…

Mind-blowing views stretching out before us, encompassing our entire field of vision. The jaw-dropping scenery hugged us tightly, stealing our breath and leaving us in awe of Mother Nature’s artistry.

But it wasn’t just the stunning vistas; the perfect blend of creativity and serenity made Cafe Yahe a sanctuary for both the mind and the soul. It whispered, “Come in, relax, and let your spirit soar.”

The young cafe lady greeted us with genuine warmth, her smile radiating like sunshine. Other than her, we were the only humans there.

And to our delight, a couple of playful doggies wagged their tails and joined us at our table in search of delicious treats (how’d they know we had picked up some yummy baked goodies at the bakery earlier?).

The atmosphere was infectious, brimming with joy and a sense of belonging as if the universe had conspired to make our visit unforgettable.

Business Lessons from the Journey

Our thrilling adventure in Dalat taught me invaluable lessons that apply to growing a business:

Embrace Fear and Take Risks

Just like facing that crazy hill, successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of embracing fear and taking calculated risks. Playing it safe won’t get you anywhere in the fast-paced business world. Take that leap of faith and see how far it can propel your dreams.

Triumph Lies Beyond Comfort Zones

Conquering the challenging terrain on our journey revealed that the best rewards often await outside our comfort zones. We had to travel 20 mins outside the city to find this cafe in the mountains.

Growing a business demands stepping into the unknown, pushing boundaries, and embracing discomfort. Amazing opportunities lie just beyond that edge.

Embrace Unexpected Surprises

The enchanting hilltop cafe and its delightful surprises reminded us of the power of embracing unexpected moments in business. Flexibility and adaptability can lead to exciting discoveries and innovations. Stay open to new ideas and be ready to pivot when opportunities knock.

As we soaked in the serenity of that hilltop haven, gratitude washed over me. I’m super grateful for experiences like this, and being able to share them with my wife makes it that much more special. 

(This newsletter was drafted with the help of GPT-3.5 and edited by yours truly.)

PS. My wife posted her own account of this story on Linkedin.


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— Tyler Hakes (@TylerHakes)
May 3, 2023


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2/ Watch: What I learned from 100 days of rejection

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🌟 Jia accepted me into his 30-day rejection gym program, which was a game-changer.

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Today, I’m grateful to have taken that step, as it has transformed my personal and professional life in unimaginable ways.

If you’re struggling with similar fears, I have a recommendation for you:

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3/ Watch: Will ChatGPT and Bard Take Over SEO? AI Explained

There has been a lot of concern regarding the potential negative impact of AI tools on SEO. However, in the short term, these changes may not be as drastic as they are often portrayed on social media. The current hype around AI tools feels similar to the hype surrounding voice search a few years ago – albeit, the AI tools of today are on a different level. 


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Signing up for your slack or discord does not make somebody a part of your community.

Until they contribute they are part of the audience.

Communities require contribution.

— David Spinks (@DavidSpinks)
Apr 28, 2023

RIP to MILKRUN, the last bastion of ‘instant’ grocery delivery apps that were all the rage in early-2022.

Just 15 months ago it raised $75 million in funding.

Now it will be closed by end of week.

More from @DavidAdams_AU ⬇️

— Tegan Jones (@Tegan_Writes)
Apr 11, 2023



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Have a fantastic weekend! 

Anfernee Chansamooth

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