Unleash Your Content Superheroes

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Unleash Your Content Superheroes: 7 Advanced ChatGPT Prompts for Professional Services and B2B Businesses

Quick Heads Up: This blog post is jam-packed with Marvel’s Avengers references – I’m mixing content creation tips with a dash of comic book fun. If you’re not an MCU fan, some jokes may pull a ‘Quicksilver’, but rest assured, the content wisdom is as solid as Vibranium.

Are you looking to create content that’s as captivating as a Marvel movie but still screams “professional”? That’s a tall order, but guess what? Just like Nick Fury bringing together Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, I’m assembling a superpowered toolkit for you.

Note: If you’re still a newbie, I recommend you purchase my beginner ChatGPT training to familiarise yourself with using AI for marketing and content creation first.

Alrighty, here are seven advanced ChatGPT prompts designed to give your content the ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ treatment.

1. Case Studies and Success Stories

Remember the transformation Scott Lang and Carol Danvers went through, becoming Ant-Man and Captain Marvel? Your clients experience similar transformations and the world needs to hear about it!

Prompt: “You are a case study writer. Keeping that in mind, please create a success story featuring our client [Client Name] who used our [Service/Product] to overcome [Challenge]. Please give me your response as a case study draft.”

Warning: Like Captain America without his shield, this prompt isn’t as powerful without the essential input from your client. Be sure to conduct a thorough interview with your client, asking about their challenges, benefits, and experiences from working with your business. Skipping this crucial step is like trying to build an Iron Man suit without any Stark Tech – all you’ll get is a fictional narrative from the AI. Your success stories should be as real and impactful as the Avengers’ victories, not just a storyline out of a comic book. Refer to my in-depth case study guide if you need help crafting a compelling case study.

2. Whitepaper and Report Generation

Whitepapers are the ‘Endgame’ of the B2B world – detailed, in-depth, and they mean serious business. And guess what? ChatGPT’s got your back. It’s like Dr. Strange foreseeing all 14,000,605 outcomes to craft the perfect one.

Prompt: “You are a whitepaper author. Keeping that in mind, please create an outline for a whitepaper about [Subject relevant to your industry]. Please give me your response as a detailed outline.”

3. Webinar and Event Promotion

Inviting people to your webinar? Let’s make it as exciting as the next Marvel movie premiere. ChatGPT can whip up an invitation that’s snappier than Thanos with all the Infinity Stones.

Prompt: “You are an event promoter. Keeping that in mind, please create an invitation email about our upcoming webinar titled [Webinar Title]. Please give me your response as an email draft.”

4. Role-Based Content Creation

Massive kudos to Bram Kanstein for this super prompt:

After working with ChatGPT Plus daily for over a month, I think this prompting format is simplest way for people to get started with this amazing tool:

“Act as a [ROLE], creating a [TASK] on [SUBJECT], and give me the output as a [FORMAT].”

Cheatsheet ⬇️ twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

— Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
Apr 29, 2023

This one’s the ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ of prompts – it can do it all. You set the role, task, subject, and format. It’s as flexible as Mr. Fantastic!

Prompt: “You are a [ROLE]. Keeping that in mind, please create a [TASK] about [SUBJECT]. Please give me your response as a [FORMAT].”

For example: “You are a marketing consultant. Keeping that in mind, please create a strategic plan about improving social media engagement for B2B businesses. Please give me your response as a PowerPoint presentation outline.”

Ready to level up? Say hello to ChatGPT Plus with Web Browsing Add-on!

Just like Doctor Strange could access the Astral Plane, with the web browsing add-on, ChatGPT can pull in information from the web and make sense of it for you.

First, you need to make sure you’ve got Web Browsing enabled. Go to Settings and turn Web browsing on:

Then open up a new chat and ensure you’ve got Browsing [beta] checked.

Here are three prompts you can use with the new Web Browsing add-on enabled. 

5. Industry Analysis and Thought Leadership

You know how Tony Stark and Shuri are always ahead of the game with their tech? That’s where you need to be in your industry, and with ChatGPT – your personal J.A.R.V.I.S or Kimoyo Beads – you can be!

Prompt: “You are an industry analyst. Keeping that in mind, please create an overview of current [year] trends and future predictions about [Your Industry]. Please give me your response as a blog post draft.”

For instance: “You are an industry analyst. Keeping that in mind, please create an overview of current 2023 trends and future predictions about the cybersecurity industry. Please give me your response as a blog post draft.”

Check out the result when I tested this prompt:

Pretty good, and it even provides a link to the source website! 

6. Web-Enhanced Brand Summary (ChatGPT Plus with Web Browsing Add-on Required)

Venture into the Quantum Realm of brand analysis with this prompt that takes advantage of ChatGPT’s web browsing capabilities. 

Prompt: “Craft a brand summary for [URL], include target audience, service offerings, unique value proposition, tone of voice, and any other relevant information.”

For example: “Craft a brand summary for www.theauthenticmarketer.com, include target audience, service offerings, unique value proposition, tone of voice, and any other relevant information.”

Here’s what GPT produced with this prompt:

The result was accurate and served as a reminder that I’ve yet to add my fractional CMO and podcast outreach services to my website 🤪

Now imagine you wanted to do some competitor research. Simply replace your own URL with your competitor’s. Boom! Can you see just how powerful this is, and how much potential ChatGPT Plus with Web browsing has?

7. SEO Keyword Analysis (ChatGPT Plus with Web Browsing Add-on Required)

Once you have a solid understanding of the brand and its offerings, it’s time to play the SEO game. Like Peter Parker with his Spidey sense, ChatGPT’s web browsing function can help identify opportunities in the vast digital landscape. We’re talking about crafting high-quality, long-form articles that will not just rank on page 1 of Google, but will also attract and engage prospective customers. Ready to feel like Black Widow, stealthily moving up the SERPs? Then, let’s do this.

Prompt: “Based on the brand summary for [URL], suggest 20 long-tail keywords with high volume potential and buyer search intent that we can use to create engaging articles.”

This is like being handed a map to the Tesseract of content marketing – previously elusive, now within your grasp. Just remember, every keyword is a world of content opportunity. 

Disclaimer: Although ChatGPT is incredibly adept at providing keyword suggestions, it’s not quite as all-knowing as Heimdall. Its suggestions should be used as a guiding compass, not the ultimate truth. Make sure to validate its suggestions against keyword search volume tools like SurferSEO and Ahrefs to ensure there’s actual search volume for your chosen keywords. Think of this as your SHIELD backup – because even Avengers need some support!

Want to see the power of the web browsing addon with these two prompts in action? I’ve got you. Just click play to see me using these prompts with one of my client’s websites:

My friend even ran the same prompts in Bard (Google’s ChatGPT competitor) and confirmed that the ChatGPT results were better. 

AI: A Powerful Ally, Not a Standalone Solution

As we wrap up our Avengers-themed content adventure, let’s not forget one important thing: AI, like our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, is a powerful ally, but it’s not infallible. It’s essential to remember that while ChatGPT is a fantastic tool for content creation, it’s not a standalone solution.

Like Thor’s Mjölnir, it requires a worthy handler. You need to fact-check all information generated by AI and ensure it aligns with your brand voice.

Remember, AI doesn’t fully understand context the way we do, and it may sometimes produce inaccurate or off-brand content.

(Read more about why I feel AI isn’t quite ready to replace quality copywriters and creatives here)

So, even though you now have your very own AI ‘Avenger’ in your content team, don’t forget to channel your inner Nick Fury and direct it wisely. After all, we’re the ones in the director’s chair! To infinity and beyond… wait, wrong franchise… Excelsior!

Just like a Marvel movie, AI-assisted content can be fun, engaging, and still mean serious business. Remember, these prompts are just the beginning. The key is to tweak them to fit your needs. So, get ready to Hulk-smash your content strategy!

(This newsletter was drafted with the help of GPT-4 and edited by yours truly.)


You can’t expect AI-generated content to outrank your competitors when your competitors can just use AI to create the exact same content.

— Tyler Hakes (@TylerHakes)
May 16, 2023


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How do you know if you have this problem? Two signs are:
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Seven personal finance basics:

1️⃣ Pay yourself first
2️⃣ Expenses < Income
3️⃣ Automate your savings
4️⃣ Have an emergency fund
5️⃣ Limit or avoid consumer debt
6️⃣ Add one income source every year
7️⃣ Invest at least 15-20% of your income

Building wealth is a marathon, not a sprint.

— Abojani Investment 🇰🇪🇺🇬🇹🇿 (@TheAbojani)
Jan 14, 2022


Common lies that devastate your mental health:  

1) Your productivity determines your value.  
2) Work is more important than play.
3) You own others what they decide to expect of you.  

Don’t accept these assumptions.

— Sherry Walling (@sherrywalling)
Apr 26, 2023

Imagine where you would be if you took all that time you spent curating and repurposing someone else’s content into carousels on your LinkedIn or Instagram…

…and used it to make your own shit.

— Amanda Natividad (@amandanat)
May 16, 2023

Why I’m starting a lifestyle business after almost 17 years chasing startup glory

— Dan Norris (@thedannorris)
May 15, 2023



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It’s remarkable to see how consistent actions, both in business and personal life, can yield unexpected and rewarding results.

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As you go about your week, I hope this serves as a reminder of the power of alignment and consistency in achieving your desired results. For you, consistency may have a different rhythm. The key is to align your actions with your goals, no matter the frequency, and commit to those actions wholeheartedly.

Anfernee Chansamooth

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