From Serious Self-Doubt to Finding My Flow

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From Serious Self-Doubt to Finding My Flow

Just six months ago, the echo of a business coach’s words hung heavy in the air, “You don’t just have a money challenge. You have an insecurity challenge.”

It was a moment of stark realization amidst the struggles of 2022, a year that dealt serious blows to my business and my confidence. The enormity of it was overwhelming, as if I was on stage, lines forgotten, and the world watching expectantly.

Yet, it was also a moment of enlightenment, a signpost pointing towards the root of my challenges – self-doubt and insecurity.

Fast forward to today, as I sit here in Danang, sipping my morning coffee with renewed clarity. The source of this newfound perspective? An unexpected conversation with Jia Jiang, author of “Rejection Proof” and a fellow traveller on this journey of personal growth.

Zooming with Jia Jiang

The last time we’d chatted was in-person in Portland at the closing party for WDS-X. That was almost a year ago, and we met each other’s wives for the first time. Jia shared his latest project, “The Sisyphi Accountability Camps“. His mission to help others take daily actions towards their goals was inspiring.

But what surprised me was when he mentioned that he admired me. Me, someone he admired? It was a humbling realization, one that warmed me from within.

In the last couple of months, my journey has been marked by significant milestones:

Returned to Danang after 6 weeks visiting family and friends in Sydney

Secured two fractional CMO gigs while supporting two podcast outreach clients

Last week I signed a new agency client to assist with email marketing and content for their SaaS clients.

Let go of an underperforming VA after three weeks (never a fun process) and began interviewing for a new full-time VA.

Throughout this journey, my wife Cindy has been my rock, her unwavering support and faith a constant source of strength.

Re-connecting with community

Since the start of May, I’ve made a conscious effort to reach out to multiple people in my network and invite them to “community connect” calls.

Each conversation has been a source of inspiration, from a seasoned freelance copywriter and editor sharing her own experiences with imposter syndrome to an inspiring young woman who is fearlessly pursuing her dream of making migration simple and stress-free for immigrants moving to Australia from China.

These conversations have revealed the power of vulnerability, sharing your struggles, and reaching out. They have shown me that it’s in these real, unfiltered conversations that we find connection, understanding, and often, the solutions to our challenges.

Reflecting on these conversations and my journey, I realize that we all battle self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

But it’s in acknowledging these fears and confronting them head-on that we truly grow. Furthermore, we find strength and support in sharing our struggles and vulnerabilities with others.

As you navigate your own journey, remember that it’s okay to experience self-doubt. It’s okay to feel like an imposter. These are not signs of weakness but signals that you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Embrace them. Learn from them. And most importantly, keep going.

You never know who you might be inspiring along the way.

And remember, reaching out to have real conversations can be a powerful tool for growth.

Pick up that phone.
Write that email.
Jump on Zoom.
Send that message.

Be vulnerable, share your journey, and let the magic of connection take you where you need to go.

Who knows, you might find yourself in flow like I have.

(This newsletter was drafted with the help of GPT-4 and edited by yours truly.)


Why Trusting Your Intuition May Be Better Than Marketing Metrics

It’s crazy to get all caught up on attribution (trying to pinpoint where every sale is coming from). Any marketers or agencies who are selling the idea that they can help you track where every sale is coming from aren’t telling the whole truth.

Conversely, founders/CEOs who are attribution crazy don’t fully understand how marketing actually works. They need to read this…

So are James and Rand saying that we should all forget about trying to work out where our sales are coming from and which marketing activities and channels are working best?

Far from it.

Here’s what Rand suggests:

For the 99% of readers whose businesses are <$50M in annual revenue, I don’t think you’ll get a positive return on those investments.

I believe you can get better results by trusting your gut and doing the work vs. attempting to measure it all with mathematical precision. I believe you can lift sales by choosing channels that are impossible to prove.

I believe that free, vanity metrics are often good enough. And, I believe that most of the best marketing (especially for small and medium businesses) comes from untraceable sources like word of mouth, niche sources of influence, dark social, and complex multi-channel journeys.

Unscientific though it sounds, at smaller revenue numbers, gut instincts (when honed over time) will probably outperform any attribution system you can design.

~ Rand Fishkin, Provable Marketing Attribution is a Boondoggle; Trust Your Gut Instead


1/ Read: Welcoming the Silence

In this powerful wake up call, Tara McMullin asks:

If we’re truly nearing the end of the social media era, how might we use the silence to create something new?

I considered the countless people making things to share with others—articles, videos, art, ideas—and the ambiguity of the media environment in which they’ll be released. I thought about the conversations I’ve had with podcasters who do good work and worry they won’t be able to reach people who want to hear it.

We’ve been saturated in an overwhelming amount of media for so long that the specter of silence implicit in the “end of the social media era” is frightening.

So many people clamor after the few remaining likes and shares available to those who aren’t interested in playing whatever game is currently being played. I’ve arm-wrestled for these fleeting whispers of validation myself. Even the smallest evidence of traction can be enough to keep fighting.

– Tara McMullin

2/ Watch: Interior Designer’s Tiny Home With Fantasy Glasshouse Dining Room

C and I love watching tiny home shows on youtube together, and Living Big In a Tiny House is our fave channel. This Wellington-based tiny featured in this episode is simply stunning. And the owner is quite a character too.

Btw, C and I dream of owning our own tiny home within the next five years. We still need to crack the code on where and how we’ll rent (or barter) for land to put our tiny on – so if you have any tips or, better yet, spare land – let me know!

3/ Watch: Seniors vs Children | Middle Ground

The mission of the Jubilee channel is to “Provoke understanding & create human connection”. Their Middle Ground series brings together two different, often opposing, groups for a dialogue. It’s a fascinating watch.



A common question in traditional management is: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What a depressing question. I don’t want to know! In 5 years, I want to look back and think: “Wow, I had no idea this was possible, but here we are.”

— Anne-Laure Le Cunff (@anthilemoon)
May 23, 2023

@kat_boogaard Some people hate on this concept, but we do this and it’s been much more smooth since then –

— Kayla Voigt (@kllewkow)
May 23, 2023



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You can publish or schedule directly to YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter and grow your audience across all channels.

The creator recently shared with me that they’re also working on some cool AI features.

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