How to use ChatGPT as your marketing coach & blog assistant

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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to engage in a powerful exercise of setting goals for Q1, connecting to my core desired feelings (I first learned about this concept from Danielle LaPorte’s book Desire Map), and assigning meaningful visual representations to them.

Unlike your typical SMART goal setting, this process helped me to search intuitively within myself and to find visual representations that brought my desired feelings to life. 

What made the experience even better was going through it with my wife. We shared our individual goals with each other, and that was an incredibly empowering and fun way for us to connect as a couple.

Here are my 3 goals, visualised with core desired feelings: 

Yes, that’s a photo of me rowing a boat down a river in Laos from 2011. It reminds me of the feeling of being pulled by the river and flowing with ease. So the paddle was used more to steer the boat rather than to force it to move. That’s how I want wealth building to feel for me.

Next time you sit down to set a goal, I encourage you to start by asking, “How do I want to FEEL during the course of achieving it?” Then work from that space. You may just find that the goal that you thought you wanted isn’t what you actually want after all, or that you may need to do some inner work to shift some beliefs around what it will take to get it.  

In other news, one move I’m making this year to create more ease in my business and life is to partner with The Growth Hub to offer marketing strategy consults and coaching to their clients part-time. You can read my announcement about this on Linkedin.


How to use ChatGPT as your marketing coach and blog writing assistant

Last week I used ChatGPT to help with planning for my business and write last week’s newsletter.

I had a bunch of folks interested in learning how I did this, so I put together a free guide I could share with anyone who wanted to learn how to do it too. It took me about 6 hrs of work over 2 days to put this together.

In this guide, I share how I used chatGPT to:

suggest target audiences for my servicesbrainstorm different ways to position my business to stand out from competitorssuggest ideas for marketing my servicesbrainstorm different blog post concepts and ideas (bye-bye, writer’s block!)come up with an outline for the articledraft different parts of the articlegenerate compelling headlinescraft social media copy that I could use for promoting the article/newsletterand more!

I also added to the google doc:

A video talking through how I did it, with additional tipsA summary table with all 26 prompts that I used (so you can copy and paste them into ChatGPT)Additional resources for you to dive deeper into the world of AI for business

Note: While tools like ChatGPT are useful and fun to play with, here are 5 things that AI won’t be able to replace:

Recap: Humans have 5 distinct advantages over AI in marketing:

– Empathy and emotions
– Creativity
– Intuition and decision-making
– Personal touch
– Adaptability and flexibility in real-time changes


— Anfernee Chansamooth (@anferneec)
Jan 13, 2023


1/ Read: Artists angry after discovering artworks used to train AI image generators without their consent

According to this piece on ABC news, thousands of illustrators “are frustrated by their work being used to train AI image generators, which are now being used to create profit-making apps.”

It’s a tough situation for sure. 

As I wrote in my latest Linkedin article, the concept of “ownership”​ for humans is being questioned, and AI is making us realize this even more.  

2/ Register: Free webinar: AI + ChatGPT: Streamlining Community & Marketing Team Workflows (Wed, 18 Jan, 11:00 GMT+11)

In this training, George Samuels will share how he’s helping his clients to use chatGPT to automate workflows and improve efficiencies. 

This will focus on anyone within the community, marketing, or operations teams.

3/ Watch: Start your day with this 10-min yoga routine

Woke up this morning, and my back was feeling sore.

Found this short 10-min yoga video by Breathe and Flow. I followed along and my back felt better. I was ready for a great day ahead.

I’ll be incorporating this into my morning routine moving forward.



Your Business Profit Is Not Your Income

Pay yourself as an employee, then ensure that there are profits retained in the company. If, for example, you have a business and you make ten grand profit this month, and you decide to go “great, I’m killing it. I’m going to take that ten grand, and I’m going to spend big. I’m going to buy a jet ski and do whatever it is you’re going to do. What if the next month you’ve got some big bills that you haven’t thought about, or you need to employ someone or invest in some ads or marketing, and you’ve got no cash left because you’ve gone and taken it out of the business to use? So then you’re in a position of “oh, I need to put money back in the business,” and it doesn’t feel that good. 

Listen to Carl’s full podcast episode on this topic here.


Love this visual from @sparktoro on how written content is a marketing flywheel:

— Kaleigh Moore (@kaleighf)
Jan 10, 2023

Meeting schedulers are *supposed* to make booking appointments easier & faster.

So why do users report so many prioritization + flexibility issues?

Here are 4 automations to improve your meeting scheduling in Google Calendar next year👇

— (@reclaimai)
Dec 27, 2022

Estonia already digitized democracy.

— Balaji (@balajis)
Jan 12, 2023


As you can see, I’m testing a new format for my weekly newsletter. I’d love your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions to improve it.

Also, do you want me to answer any questions about marketing or building an online business? Let me know, and I’ll answer in an upcoming newsletter. 

Hoping you have a fantastic weekend! 

Anfernee Chansamooth

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