How I went from failing two businesses to my first $10K month in 5.5 years


My first two businesses were failures.

I felt ashamed that a uni graduate who was supposed to be smart couldn’t make it work. 

There was something obviously missing, and I could only look at the mirror and point my finger there. 

So I went back to a full-time job as marketing manager for a B2B company. 

I failed my first two businesses because I was missing some critical elements for making them sustainable.

Whilst working at the company, I gained valuable experience running marketing campaigns and I learned some incredibly powerful lessons:

1. People buy services based on trust, and a lot of small business marketing fails to build actual trust.

2. Effective marketing and sales come as a result of careful planning and systems. 

I noticed that including customer success stories in our content strategy increased the number of visitors and converts to clients.

After two years at that company and the growing demands of the job, I burned out. This was having a negative impact on my relationship and my health.  

So I left to start my own thing, applying what I had learned to help other small businesses better leverage content for growth. 

This year we hit our first $10K month, and I finally paid off the last of a personal debt that’s been looming over my head for the past decade.

All thanks to being persistent, getting some help from amazing mentors along the way, and the incredible support of my wife financially and emotionally. Things are looking up.

I’m now supporting small business owners to build trust with their prospective buyers through the power of case studies.

So if you’re looking to build a great business, then ask yourself:

What am I doing to regularly build trust with my prospective buyers?

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