My top business apps for android


What are the top digital marketing and business apps for android?

On my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S21 FE) I use:

  • Whatsapp & Slack to communicate with my VA
  • Gmail
  • Google calendar
  • Google for research
  • Otter to record and transcribe conversations
  • Notion or Google Keep to take notes and ideas as they come up
  • Stitcher to listen to business podcasts and 12min for book summaries when I’m exercising
  • Social media apps (FB, Twitter, IG) – mainly for engaging, I usually post from my laptop.
  • Hona for daily accountability

Beyond that, everything else I do on my MacBook pro.

For positive mental health and improved productivity, I actually think it’s healthier to stay off the phone and do work on my laptop.

My fave apps on my phone are:

  • ZeroFasting to track my 16 hr fasts
  • Camera for photos and video
  • Daylio for tracking my daily moods

Do you run your business off your phone? What are your fave apps? Let me know.

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