Want help overcoming burnout? Read this.

Finding yourself feeling exhausted, mentally drained, and lacking motivation? It’s possible that you may be experiencing burnout. Below you’ll find some resources for overcoming burnout.

Many of us have encountered burnout’s debilitating effects at some point in our lives. I certainly have.

Whether it’s from a demanding job, overwhelming responsibilities, or the constant pressures of modern-day life, burnout can creep into our lives and steal our energy and enthusiasm.

My first time overcoming burnout

Here’s the first time I shared, on Australian national TV, the story of how I experienced severe burnout whilst working in corporate (and ended up in hospital as a result):

Sharing my burnout story on Channel 10 (aired 26/02/2014)

During the COVID pandemic (2019 – 2022), I burned out again, but this time as an entrepreneur running my own business.

It’s crucial to remember that you have the power to reignite your inner flame and reclaim your joy.

Overcoming Burnout #2

Listen to my pandemic burnout and recovery story on Hustle & Flowchart podcast:

Read my essay and explanation of my slow growth framework:

The hidden cost of fast growth – do you know it?

After implementing my slow growth framework, my life changed for the better.

Additional resources for overcoming burnout (and preventing it)

By the way, if you’re an Aussie reading this and need someone to talk to, Beyond Blue has a mental health coaching service for small business owners and sole traders. It’s free, confidential and convenient. Available nationally by phone or video call, no GP referral is required.

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